About us

UAB "Sukioniai" history started from year 1948 when "Pergale collective farm" was established. 

In 1992 "Pergale collective farm" was reorganized to "Sukioniai agriculture company".
In 1998 "Sukioniai agriculture company" was reorganized to AB "Sukioniai".
In 2003 AB "Sukioniai" was reorganized to UAB "Sukioniai".

Main activity of UAB "Sukioniai" are agriculture production producing and selling. Company operate 1320 ha of land and owning farm with 640 cattle (in that number 350 lactating cows). There are 46 employee including the management team. Main company activities are cattle breeding and crops growing. Cattle breeding is for milk production and meat. Crops growing - agricultural crops, cops for fodder and service.
Company is a member of Lithuania Agriculture Companies Association, Lithuania Red Cattle Association of Improvement, Milk cooperative "Lietuviškas pienas".